FAQ General

You hold a direct participation in a Real Estate investment in the most regulated and professional way. You have access to deals which otherwise would not be available to private investors.

The Fund is regulated by the Gibraltar FSC and the EU's AIFMD and audited by BDO. Through the convenient Fund Structure each cell will be held ring fenced from one another through subscription via ISIN – no special structuring needs to be done by the investor – the investment is just a phone call to your banker. The privacy of each investor, with no exposure to business risk of other investors, is assured.

When investing into BlueRock you receive a contract note for your participation which will be handed out to you or your bank after the closing of the deal.

Depending on the strategy of the specific cell, you may invest into a single building which will be declared in advance, or you may invest into a portfolio of properties to be identified that will match defined investment criteria. 

AIFMD stands for Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive and is the European golden standard of regulation.

The AIFMD and the Fund are subject to strict business conduct rules to ensure suitable expertise, reduce conflicts of interest and enhance investor protection. The AIFMD regulates marketing of the Fund in the EU, and requires  the appointment of an independent depositary to oversee safekeeping of assets and operations of the Fund. 

AIFMD was established in order to protect investors. You are protected both at the setup and the ongoing management; before a launch the investment and business plan have to be approved by an investment committee that consists of independent professionals. For ongoing management, the property advisor, administrator and AIFM review and approve NAV calculations on a quarterly basis, based on property valuations performed by an independent real estate External Valuer; the property advisors provide quarterly reports to the AIFM on each investment, and any changes in business plan must be approved in advance. 

Turicum is solely the Depositary Bank of the Fund and does not reflect an investor risk. The bank ensures that all assets in the structure are properly and securely held by each cell of the Fund (and therefore indirectly to the investors).

You simply instruct your bank by giving them the ISIN (Investment Code) and contact details of BlueRock.

You will see your position as any fund/stock you have in your portfolio as well as the current value.

Most cells pay quarterly distributions (in January, April, July and October). The first one will be paid latest 6 to 12 months (depending on the deal chosen) after placing the investment.

If a subscription does not work via your bank, you can subscribe by signing our subscription documents and providing full certified copies of Know-Your Customer (KYC) identification and proff of address details, and then transfer the money.

You invest indirectly into Real Estate and therefore carry all risks of any real estate investment, including market risk, tenant risk, leverage, interest rate risk and development risk (if relevant). 

Your participation is illiquid which means that redemption of your shares is at the discretion of the Fund, and will normally only occur at the end of the life of the Cell, when the underlying properties are sold. If you wish to exit earlier, you can only do so if you or BlueRock can locate another buyer, but the Fund cannot promise to do so. 

In general, your investment in the Fund should be considered an illiquid part of your overall investment strategy and you should therefore expect to stay in the investment for its full life. 

However your BlueRock shares could be sold to another investor at a price to be agreed (usually based on the current NAV) depending on the market situation. This process can take up to 3 months. The Fund may assist you in trying to find a substitute investor, but cannot guarantee this. 

In the past, all of our cells were oversubscribed and the demand was higher than the investors who were actually admitted. 

No, as each cell is completely ring fenced from each other.

Hassans is the legal advisor to the fund and advised BlueRock since the setup of the fund and continues to advise Bluerock and its investors with launching new cells, regulatory issues, compliance issues, tax structuring and is involved on an ongoing basis. 

At least quarterly. In some deals even on a monthly base.

The properties are usually sourced by Ronny Pifko, in some cases with the help of the property advisors, are analysed internally and then go through a due diligence process by lawyers, architects etc. Once the due diligence is fine, the investment is proposed to the investment committee of Maitland which consists out of 4 senior specialists. Once the investment committee has approved the purchase, the investment is proposed to the board of directors. The same process is applied at the sale of a property or any other major changes.

BDO was appointed as independent auditor to the Fund and audits the annual financial statements of BlueRock before they are submitted to the FSC.

Maitland is the Administrator to the fund as well as the Investment Manager under AIFMD.

All administrative matters, such as board meetings, subscriptions and redemptions, distributions, Fund payments, Fund Accounting & NAV calculation, Investor Reporting etc. are handled by Maitland, who has more than EUR 263 Bn Assets under Administration, with offices worldwide. 

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